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Online Check-in

Online check-in is the service that the passenger who bought the flight ticket can pass the ticket control and select their seat before going to the airport for their flight. Some airlines offer online check-in at no additional cost, while some require extra charge for seat selection.

Online check-in are generally available on airlines website.

There may be differences in the time each airline open their check-in service. Usually this period is between 48 hours and 12 hours before flight.

If you do your online check-in, the time you need to be at the airport will vary by the airlines. You will be informed on this by the airline during your online check-in.

Below, You can log in to the online check-in website of the airline you are flying by and you can perform your check-in process with the given details.

For online check-in you will be using your PNR number, which is sent by sms and / or email when you bought your ticket.

Please select your airline company to check-in